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First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

Donations matched until 5th December!

We will double your donation today at no extra cost!

For one week only, your donation will be matched at no extra cost to you.

an incredible opportunity to have your donation matched, pound for pound, for one week only. Today, I want to tell you how your support can transform a whole family.  

Did you know that one of the key goals of our programme is to help women build skills in decision making and negotiation within the household?

After their rights awareness training – which costs just £30 per woman – our programme graduates feel confident to contribute to household decisions that are traditionally dominated by men – like making informed choices about family planning and finances.

Together, women begin to speak up about their experiences of domestic violence and injustice and become advocates for local issues affecting women’s lives. Challenging traditional views about women's role in society ensures their children can live in a more equal community.

For this week only, donation of £15 becomes £30 at no extra cost to you – this could pay for one woman to complete the rights awareness training and make her voice heard at home and in her community. 
Veronica, Ayuba and their youngest daughter
Veronica, a graduate of our year-long programme in Nigeria with her husband Ayuba, who took part in our Men's Engagement Programme. Photo: Monilekan
"In the past, he was not concerned about me. But now, he takes very good care of our family," shares Veronica, whose husband, Ayuba, graduated from the Men's Engagement Programme. Together, they are now creating a savings plan to support the medical expenses of their young family.

By engaging men in women's empowerment, we can ensure that the voices of women survivors of war are heard.

This creates more equal communities where families like Ayuba and Veronica work together to ensure their children are healthy, go to school and have a bright future. Help us reach our goal of enrolling 5,000 husbands, fathers, and brothers in our programme next year.

Give today and your donation will be matched 100% at no extra cost to you.  


Engaging Men - From Nangarhar to Hollywood

Women for Women International

Women's Equality is Everyone's Business

Engaging Men - From Nangarhar to Hollywood

We teamed up with one of the world’s leading gender diversity consultancies, 20-first, to compare approaches to tackling gender inequality – from countries affected by conflict, to boardrooms at top companies.  

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Where Women Work

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A prime employer for women truly drives gender parity

Choosing where to work can significantly impact a woman's success and happiness. Thankfully today there's a lot of choice with many employers offering exciting career opportunities, supportive employee networks, flexible working, mentoring and coaching, career acceleration pathways, leadership commitment and a strong focus on equal pay.

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Dame Helen Mirren on Sisterhood

Last week I asked what sisterhood means to you. The incredible Dame Helen Mirren, our Patron, said:

“Sisterhood in the larger sense is helping other women, as far as one is able to. Sisterhood is the sense of community, with women you don’t know but with whom you share an enormous bond.” 

The bond of sisterhood can bring about powerful change - together we have the power to create the change we want to see in the world. 

Our new short film, starring Dame Helen Mirren, celebrates this inspiring power of sisterhood. 

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What does Sisterhood mean to you?

What does sisterhood mean to you? We asked women around the world and their answers are surprisingly similar.  

Reem, a Syrian refugee in our programme in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq told us:
“Sisterhood is a balm for the soul and a medicine for the wounds I have received. We rejoice toget

her, we exchange secrets and celebrate together.”

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You can change a woman's life today!

Women for Women International

I wanted to share with you an experience from my visit to Women for Women International in Rwanda last week, where I had the opportunity to meet my sister Brigitte. I call Brigitte my sister because I am sponsoring her to participate in our year-long training programme.

Last Thursday, we drove from the Rwandan capital Kigali for over 4 hours to reach Nyaruguru, in the far south of Rwanda. There are currently 500 women participating in the Women for Women International programme in this area and one of them happens to be my sister, Brigitte! 

Brigitte has already had such a tough life and she is only nineteen. 

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Women thriving in careers with top employers

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Ready for your next career move? Progressive companies are actively searching for talented women to join them, so take a look and see what's on offer with top employers for interns, apprentices, experienced professionals, women returners and executives.
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Educate girls and you educate generations

UNHCR knows that women with a secondary education are more likely to ensure that their own children go to school. If you educate girls, you educate generations. Read about the impressive work of UNHCR and consider whether a humanitarian career could be the next move for you.

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