First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

Welcome Days in the Creche

Welcome Day 1

Welcome Day 2

A busy week for the Creche ladies!  

The girls have been working hard getting the Creche ready for our two welcome days this week.  We invited the Mums to come along with their little ones to sample a few hours in the Creche to get them used to their new surroundings.

As you can see they all enjoyed their play time and the healthy snacks.

Childcare Staff Training 2017

Childcare Staff Certificates

Our Childcare Staff pictured from the left -  Carla (Portuguese), Dominika (Polish), Jacqueline, Helena and Giedra (Lithuanian) - have all been busy updating their training.

Helena (Childcare Leader) and Jacqueline (Assistant Leader) completed a Food Safety course in January.

Helena has also completed Self Esteem Building course and Early Literacy in February.
Giedra completed her Pediatric First Aid Training in February.
Carla and Helena will be attending Health and Safety Manual Handling and Risk Assessment course at end of March. 
Dominika will be attending Behaviour Management course in March
Jacqueline will be attending Inclusion of Special Needs Course in March.
Well done ladies!!

Hallowe'en Fun in the Creche!

The children have been enjoying our Hallowe'en activities including dressing up, making pumpkin lanterns and decorations whilst enjoying the healthy snacks on offer!

Autumn Fun in the Creche!

The children are enjoying their stories and art classes in our onsite Creche facility!

They are making good use of the beautiful different coloured leaves that have been falling off the trees.

We have a great artistic bunch here.  Well done!!

Creche Open Days

The Childcare Staff held two Open Days to introduce the Children to their new play area when their Mums are busy learning!

As you can see, everyone had a fabulous morning with so much to do and see.  There was also some healthy snacks on offer which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

Well done to the Childcare Staff for all their hard work and preparation.

Creche Open Days - Day one

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