Tuesday 22nd February 2022  -  12.30pm-2.30pm  -  12 Weeks

The Level 1 Award for Payroll in Business qualification aims to provide learners with a comprehensive range of knowledge and the practical skills that they will be able to use as a payroll processor for a variety of businesses.

On successful completion of the qualification the learner will have the knowledge and skills to:

• Act as an introduction to payroll record keeping and processing, giving the candidate the necessary skills to record financial payroll transactions in a computerised environment and in line with Real Time Information requirements.

• Give candidates the necessary knowledge and skills to assess their own competence in carrying out a range of basic day-to-day payroll routines and activities using a computerised payroll system. The activities will include the calculation of pay data and processing of that data including contributions to work based pension schemes, using basis day-to-day payroll processing skills.

• Give candidates the necessary knowledge and skills to assess the implications of maintaining accuracy when performing any practical payroll tasks.

• Understand the importance of security and confidentiality in performing any payroll task in a computerised environment

Learners successfully completing the qualification will have a knowledge and understanding of the services, advice and guidance that can be offered to businesses by HMRC, NICO, and other payroll agencies. They will have the skills required to prepare, check and use source documents from which the payroll is processed using a computerised payroll system as required under Real Time Information requirements.

As learners progress through the course of study they will develop skills that will enable them to gather the required information in order to prepare an employee payroll record using either the HMRC Basic Tools kit or commercially available payroll software. They will further acquire the skills necessary to calculate the gross pay due to employees from a simple range of information sources and for either weekly or monthly pay periods. The learner will be able to process the payroll accurately producing the net pay due to the employee and updating all internal payroll records. Furthermore, they will be able to produce a range of reports detailing payroll information.

Target groups
The Level 1 Award in Payroll for Business qualification is specifically aimed at learners who wish to gain an introduction to the study of payroll and gain a qualification at Level 1 of the regulated qualification framework, either from a point of no previous knowledge, or having worked in a payroll environment with no accredited payroll qualifications.

Learners who are considering a career as a self-employed practitioner will find the course invaluable as a starting platform, as will business owners who would like to be actively involved in the gathering and processing of payroll data and keeping of payroll records for their business.

Units and Learning Outcomes

  1. Unit title: Principles of Payroll Preparation Y/616/9096
  2. Unit title: Fundamentals of Payroll Processing D/616/9097
  3. Unit title: Computerised Payroll Processing H/616/9098

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