Over £320,000 Additional Benefit identified for people living in Dungannon and surrounding area in past 48 Months   The Benefit Checker Service has been in operation since September 2012. In less than 3 years this service has helped many people in need. These include pensioners, single parents and families whose parent or parents have suffered a drop in income e.g. through loss of employment.

At present the total additional benefits identified and claimed has surpassed £320,000.. Additional benefits identified include amongst others Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Family Tax Credit and Attendance Allowance.

Chief Executive Michael McGoldrick stated “This confidential service evolved out of a real need to help women and their families who were struggling to cope with the complexity of the benefits system. We saw how stressed and confused people were, when trying to understand what benefits they were entitled to.

This service is about providing a support system to help families cope with the loss of income, employment or other change of circumstances. First Steps is one of many organisations including the local Citizens Advice Bureau, Vineyard Church,  STEP, St Vincent de Paul and Belfast Central Mission  that are making a real and often immediate difference to the lives of families struggling in the 21st Century. Poverty is unfortunately alive and well.  I whole heartedly welcome the support of all the groups and Churches that provide for families, the elderly and individuals. We are not a substitute for the local Citizen Advice Bureau but a service that complements their excellent and professional work.”

First Steps Women’s has identified a staggering £323,925.80 in additional benefit for the people of Dungannon and surrounding area since September 2012.

Gillian Steenson, Benefits Checker at First Steps Women’s Centre added “If you or any member of your family have a query do not hesitate to contact me. Very often queries can be cleared up in 10 minutes or even with a simple phone call.”

Contact Details – Anyone wishing to avail of the Benefits Checker Service should contact Gillian on 028 87727648.

Successful Benefits Checker claims
Since September 2012 £417,209.01

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