First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

What does sisterhood mean to you? We asked women around the world and their answers are surprisingly similar.  

Reem, a Syrian refugee in our programme in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq told us:
“Sisterhood is a balm for the soul and a medicine for the wounds I have received. We rejoice toget

her, we exchange secrets and celebrate together.”

Sisterhood is at the heart of what we do at Women for Women International.Sisterhood means building personal connections between women – not only between family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, but also with women you will never meet, whose lives can seem so different. But in reality we have so much in common.

Next week, we will be launching a new short film starring our Patron Dame Helen Mirren, about the power of sisterhood. I'll be asking you to share the film on social media, to celebrate the power of sisterhood.

With unprecedented levels of violence against women and hard fought equality under threat in many parts of the world, we need to show solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable women. It’s time to stand up and be counted with our sisters!




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