First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

Hallowe'en Fun in the Creche!

The children have been enjoying our Hallowe'en activities including dressing up, making pumpkin lanterns and decorations whilst enjoying the healthy snacks on offer!

Autumn Fun in the Creche!

The children are enjoying their stories and art classes in our onsite Creche facility!

They are making good use of the beautiful different coloured leaves that have been falling off the trees.

We have a great artistic bunch here.  Well done!!

Creche Open Days

The Childcare Staff held two Open Days to introduce the Children to their new play area when their Mums are busy learning!

As you can see, everyone had a fabulous morning with so much to do and see.  There was also some healthy snacks on offer which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

Well done to the Childcare Staff for all their hard work and preparation.

Creche Open Days - Day one

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Egg Carton Art!

Childcare Easter Art

The children in the Creche were busy before Easter making beautiful daffodils, frogs and snakes out of egg cartons!! 

Aren't they fabulous??!!!

Singing helps babies and children develop emotional self-control

New study shows that singing helps babies calm down twice as fast when listening to speech compared to song

In a new study from the University of Montreal, infants remained calm twice as long when listening to a song, which they didn’t even know, as they did when listening to speech. “Many studies have looked at how singing and speech affect infants’ attention, but we wanted to know how they affect a baby’s emotional self-control,” explained Professor Isabelle Peretz, of the university’s Center for Research on Brain, Music and Language. “Emotional self-control is obviously not developed in infants, and we believe singing helps babies and children develop this capacity.” The study, recently published in Infancy, involved thirty healthy infants aged between six and nine months.

Humans are in fact naturally enraptured by music. In adults and older children, this “entrainment” is displayed by behaviours such as foot-tapping, head-nodding, or drumming.

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