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First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

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This week we heard about a consultation which includes the idea of re-introducing prescription charges.

You might remember a few years back, in 2010 the Health Minister at the time, Michael McGimpsey, MLA abolished charging for prescription. Now, the Minister for Health, Jim Wells, is asking people about paying for prescriptions. The Minister told the Assembly, that charges would help finance a Specialist Medicines Fund, which patients could apply for specific drugs.

A few years ago, people told us that while they didn’t mind paying a small charge, they wanted vulnerable people to be protected.   People felt the economic and social situation of patients and clients in Northern Ireland need to be taken into account; for example medication for pensioners, children and people on low incomes should remain free.

Do you think we should be charged for prescriptions? Would you pay?

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Information courtesy of Patient and Client Council




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