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For some people, self-service screens are a handy way to check in at airports, for others it’s an easy way to update library books. Have you used a self-service screen to check in at your local GP surgery or hospital outpatients department? Did you find it easy to use?

Some people like using these check in screens, but others prefer a personal interaction and would rather check in with staff when they arrive for appointments.

Often people are already feeling worried about their appointment, so having to use these screens can add to their anxiety. There is also a fear among patients that if they don't use the screens correctly, they could be forgotten about as people will not know they are waiting.

Eventually using these screens will become easier for people just like booking a flight or online banking. Others, including people who are frail, vulnerable and visually impaired, might still prefer to speak to someone, who can welcome them and answer any questions. Technology cannot replace an often much-needed conversation between patients and staff.    See comments...

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