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Whether it’s a pulled muscle, a tooth ache or a migraine, all of us have experienced physical pain at one stage in our lives. But, imagine living with pain every day of your life - It’s not something I would wish to experience. It can hamper plans with families, limit career choices and put strain on relationships.

A few years ago, we spoke to more than 2500 people living with chronic pain in Northern Ireland. It quickly came to light that there is a lack of pain services here, and that’s something we’ve been working with patients, professionals and the Health and Social Care service on.

Changes are beginning to happen, but there is more to do. Next week, the Northern Ireland Pain Summit takes place, with a host of speakers from near and far talking about pain and sharing learning. We are delighted that patients are part of event and will be informing professionals by sharing their powerful, personal experiences.

Patients are experts on their experience of Health and Social Care services, and professionals should always be listening to the people they care for.

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