First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

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How Was Your Meal?
Hot, and sometimes frozen, meals can be delivered to people’s homes, as part of their domiciliary care package, also known as 'meals on wheels'.

Nutrition is a crucial part of ensuring good health, and helping people return to good health, after illness. Its reassuring to know that standards already exist in Northern Ireland called Promoting Good Nutrition.

When it comes to food, I think we can all agree, things like quality, taste and temperature are important parts of enjoying a meal. Help to cook the food and perhaps, assistance to eat it may also be factors in enjoying a meal.


Do you or the person you care for receive meals at home, and is it working for you? Do meals arrive at a suitable time? Are the portion size suitable for you? Do you have a choice of what food you receive?

If you are willing to have a quick chat on the phone about this topic and to discuss what is or is not working well with this service please contact Briege McAlister on 028 9536 2550 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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