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There is no doubt that with an ageing population, the pressures on healthcare services will continue to grow, so more effective and efficient ways of using resources and delivering services in the future need to be adopted.

The Health and Social Care Board launched a campaign called Wipe out waste. Keep your eyes peeled for it throughout September! They say £18 million is wasted in Northern Ireland every year from medications not being used or thrown away. They’re encouraging people to help reduce waste, by checking their stock before re-ordering and letting their doctor or pharmacist know if they think they are getting too much.

It’s interesting to know the cost of medicine waste and what it could be spent on, if saved. For example, the Health and Social Care Board say that £18 million is the equivalent to 19,000 cataract operations; 700 community nurses; or 1200 treatments for breast cancer. Do you think having information like this can make a difference to people’s actions in Northern Ireland?

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