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"In Northern Ireland, approximately 180 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, and 120 women lose their lives each year. When a woman is diagnosed at the earliest stage, her chance of surviving ovarian cancer for five years of more doubles from just 46 per cent to more than 90 per cent, and knowing the symptoms of ovarian cancer can save lives.

The challenge is a chance to spread a very important message: knowing the symptoms of ovarian cancer can save lives. In NI we do not have  a dedicated support network for those effected by the disease.

Most women and their family have to deal with the diagnoses in isolation. Most do not know anyone else with the disease and this can make coping with it even more difficult.

Since starting my Facebook page @beovariancanceraware  and starting to have conversation with people about the campaign I have heard stories of so many women who have lost their lives to the disease. What has come out of those conversations is the feeling of isolation for the sufferer and their families. Sometimes when we have a disease we just need someone to talk to who is going through the same experience and understand how it feels.  Families are not always able to offer that support and often need support themselves.  

Through the Facebook page I am hoping to be able to put people in contact with each other and out of that to grow and develop a support network.  I am only one person but when people connect with others the ripple effect can be enormous.

Please know the symptoms. Hopefully you will never need to them for yourself but you could save the life of a daughter, sister, mother, best recognizing the symptoms and helping her get treatment early. EARLY DIAGNOSIS SAVES LIVES. 

Please visit my facebook page @beovariancanceraware and share it with all the women you know.  Don't keep this lifesaving information to yourself ...tell everyone."

I have a just giving site set up just in case you are allowed to put it up as well.


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