Tuesday & Thursday commencing 6th September 2022 - 9.45am-12.45am  24 Weeks

Course Duration:    3 hours x 2 days per week for 24 weeks

Entry Requirements:  Must complete an initial assessment and have passed Entry 2

Course Summary

Speaking & Listening:
• Obtaining/Providing specific information
• Following instructions
• Correct pronunciation
• Contribute to discussions

• Be able to gain meaning from text
• Be able to identify the purpose of text
• Be able to find information in text
• Be able to order words alphabetically

• Be able to produce simple text for a given audience
• Be able to complete a form

Speaking & listening: 3 Recorded tasks

Reading: 7 tasks – (Multiple choices) - for main points and events, meaning of words and phrases. Use of images for meaning and alphabetical order ( 1st and second letter)

Writing: 2 writing task one of which is a form

  • Present information in an appropriate format for the intended audience
  • Structure main points in short paragraphs
  • Sequence text chronologically
  • Use adjectives, punctuation and upper and lower case letters correctly
  • Spell correctly and use grammar correctly
  • Record personal details in a form correctly
  • Complete a form with open and closed responses correctly

Progression Routes: Level 1 ESOL Course

24 Weeks

If you require any further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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