Health / Wellbeing

Mon 12th April 2021 - 12.30 pm-1.00pm x 6 wks

This 30 - 40 min class will involve relaxing Tai Chi Chih and Qi Gong movements Have a cushion and blanket to hand as the class will end each week with a lovely guided relaxation.

This class can be done seated or standing. It will be a lovely start to the week and a joyful way to add movement to your day whilst relaximg both the body and mind.

Tues 13th April 2021 - 10.00 am-12.00pm x 8 wks

In this course you will learn simple tips and tools such as self reflexology, facial massage, pressure points, oils, tapping, crystals and more.

These holistic helpers aid the connection between the mind, body & soul they help ease our worries, fears and pain. This is what Holistic Self Care is all about, allowing yourself to be the best you can be in whatever situation.

Wed 14th April 2021 -  1.00pm-3.00pm x 8 wks

This Assertiveness course will help you to improve your confidence and self-esteem, adopt a more positive approach to life and help you express your ideas and feelings in an open and honest manner.

If you would like to improve your self care then this course is a great place to start as being able to communicate your needs and take the actions that are right for you are at the very heart of self care.

Starts Friday 16th April 2021

This is an invitation to walk in your own area in your own time and pace for 30 minutes everyday.

Each person will do their own walk and then let the group know (by text/whatsapp or FB) that they have completed the walk.

This is for accountability making us more likely to complete the challenge and really benefit from lovely fresh air and movement!

"Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving. And movement is life." Carrie Latet

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