Accessiblity and Home Safety Checklist - An interactive baseline list of different home modifications for people with disabilities (courtesy of Rocket Mortgage) Download the PDF to add your own items and check off items as you go.

Addiction Resource - raising awareness of the consequences of addiction and helping communities become drug-free

Age NI - For later life - Age Concern & Help the Aged are now one

Alcohol, Drugs & Gambling - Southern Health & Social Care Trust website information

AnamCara - Supporting Parents after bereavement

Aontas and Learner Networks - The National Adult Learning Organisation

Benefits & Grants Available for Older People - for the retired who are wondering what government help you’re eligible to

Cancer Caring Coping - Help for Carers who are looking after people with cancer

Capacitar Training - Training in Education for Healing & Transformation

Carers Supporters Support - Health & Social Care Board (HSCB) support, advice and information for Carers living in the Southern Trust Area

Citizen's Advice Bureau - Advice Charity Organisation

Citizen's Advice Magazine - Read or download various documents published by CAB

Clanrye - Training provision for people with physical disabilities and health conditions

Counselling Directory - connecting as many people as possible to much-needed mental health support. - Drug danger awareness Community Outreach Team

Drugwatch - Drugs and Medical Devices that may endanger females

EGSA (Educational Guidance Service for Adults)

English & Maths in Education and beyond - Complete guide to understand the importance of English & Maths

English & Maths for Adults -  BBC Skillswise

ETAIS - A step-by-step guide to travellng with a disability

Gateway Service (Armagh & Dungannon) - provide an initial assessment of need for children and families and signpost to further statutory involvement at Child Protection, Looked After Children or Family Support; and/or voluntary and community resources

Greater Good in Action - A Mentally Healthy Site that collects the best research-based methods for a happier, more meaningful life—and puts them at your fingertips in a format that's easy to navigate and digest

Health - better health through education and awareness

Inishowen Development Partnership - Working to achieve positive change in the lives of people and groups in Innishowen

International Women's Day - a date in March every year

Kindness Blog - "Kindness Blog shares media featuring kindness in all its varied forms." I love reading the stories from contributors about people who help one another, listen to one another and tell stories about peace, happiness, understanding and love". It's all about uplifting one another on this site

Lifecoach Directory - find a business or a Life Coach near you

Mental Health Services - access to information about Mental Health Services in NI -   for anyone battling cancer, or looking to find more information.  Read personal stories based on real life struggles and survivourship and support groups with an actual community that people can relate to and find relief in - is largely associated with continued exposure to asbestos, most often in the workplace. Men and women who worked around asbestos for decades are at risk of developing this deadly type of cancer

Newly Disabled Guide - 15 things every newly disabled person should know

NIRWN - Northern Ireland Rural Women's Network

N I Women Into Business - the largest and fastest growing business network for female entrepreneurs and business leaders in Northern Ireland

Numeracy Resources - Free Functional Skills and Skills for Life resources

Nutritionist Resource - Quality information and advice from professionals regarding diet and health issues

Quit Smoking - Nicorette  - We’re here to help you quit smoking by giving you the information, tools and support you may need.

Recall Report - vital information on drugs and products i.e. dangers, alerts,side affects, etc to keep your family safe

Rural Community Network (RCN) - Supporting rural communities

Shankill Women's Centre - "Providing an accessible resource and development support for women in Greater Shankill and beyond"

Special Needs

Adapting Your House for a Child with a Disability (USA based)

Caring for our kids - a group of parents who have created useful resources to help other parents struggling with their special needs child/ren

Cerebral Palsy - very useful information on the disorder, including treatment options and how to help manage your child’s disorder so that they can still live a productive life.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms - Learn all about Cerebral Palsy and other common birth injuries

Cerebral Palsy Special Education Guidelines - special education options for children with special needs

Cerebral Palsy - The CP Lawyer - For the legal representation you need and your child deserves

Creating a home where your child can thrive with a disability 

Financial planning for Special Needs

Guide to Home Loans for people with disabilities

Special Needs Teacher Resources

Stairlift Grants

Tips for disabled persons to declutter and organise your home

South West College (Dungannon, Omagh, Cookstown & Enniskillen)

Southern Heath & Social Care Trust Facilities

The Open University - You can study for certificates and diplomas of higher education, foundation and honours degrees or postgraduate qualifications. There are around 150 to choose from, you can even tailor a qualification to suit your needs

The Recovery Village - Our advanced approach to treatment empowers individuals on the path to recovery

Therapy Directory - find a therapist near you

Tiny Buddha -  Tiny Buddha "is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives—complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships"

Tobacco-Free Life - Information and tips on how to get started, make a plan and stay tobacco free

Tr@inIT - providing professional ICT training courses for individuals, Businesses and Community Groups

Training For Women Network (TWN) - Northern Ireland's leading network for the promotion of women's training and development, through policy, training, networking and education.

U3A - Learning is for Life, Life is for Learning

Volunteer Now - is the lead organisation which works to promote, develop and support volunteering across Northern Ireland

Women's Aid Cookstown - Mid Ulster Women's Aid provides a range of confidential services and encourages women to find practical solutions to their own domestic abuse problems

Women's Centre, Derry/L'derry -  A welcoming space which inspires women to think and make choices in an accessible environment that enables transformation and change in ourselves, in our community and beyond

Women's Resource Centre - WRC is the leading national umbrella organisation for the women’s sector, working towards linking all aspects of the women’s movement. We support our members to be more effective and sustainable through training, and we lobby the government on their behalf on a range of women’s issues

Women Peacemakers Programme - The Women Peacemakers Program’s vision is of a world where women and men work together through gender-sensitive active nonviolence, to build communities where people co-exist peacefully

Women's Resource and Development Agency (WRDA) - supports women's groups and organisations across NI  

Women's Support Network (WSN) - Our mission is ‘to support the development of women’s organisations, enable collective action and positively impact on policy and decision-making processes’

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