Feb/Mar 2020

BrainFit (Anne Bresland - 360 Active)
  • Brilliant course, will certainly recommend
  • I really like this subject. Tutor was very good, and nice and clear
Hormone Harmony (Mayella Almazan-Arreola )
• Very enjoyable and have learned a lot of excellent tips
• Excellent course, very enjoyable
• A fabulous course, very informative and fun
• Always good range of courses, facilities, and tutors
• Very informative course
• Mayella was very informative and I practised some of the advice given, especially in relation to nourishing my skin
• Yet another amazing course provided by FSWC
• It’s a very enjoyable and a great way of meeting friends
• I have enjoyed some great courses in the women’s centre and I am glad I am retired to enjoy them

Assertiveness (Norah Hughes, BGR8 Coaching & Training)
What are the strengths of this course?
• Very interesting, very informative, very enjoyable. I got some great information that I can implement into my daily life
• To be assertive and confident
• Individual attention, discussions
• Being more confident and being able to say no without having guilt
• Honest encouragement to practice what we talked about
• Helping to understand
• They are that everything was clearly explained, plenty of handouts, the overall course was excellent, great tutor
• The tutor was really good and handouts were really helpful to continue work at home
• Well organised and excellent tutor
• Everyone is supportive and professional

Are there any weaknesses of this course?
• No/none (x9)
• Us women can be very chatty and run behind sometimes

Any additional comments you would like to make?  
• I can’t wait for the next course
• Nice, honest, friendly people throughout the centre, extremely happy with course content. Nice setting. I would and will refer people in the future
• I love coming to First Steps
• Thank you (x2)
• Small steps to a better life. A work in progress. Thank you all.
• I am totally satisfied
• Norah was a great tutor and was very good at explaining assertiveness

Yoga (Madeleine McBride, Tranquility Yoga & Wellbeing)
• A very enjoyable course
• Absolutely brilliant, very relaxing
• Outstanding teacher and fantastic course, learning to be at one with oneself
• This is a fantastic facility and we are very lucky to have it
• Madeleine was very encouraging and kept stressing to do only what was comfortable to do for you. This was very helpful
• Really appreciate the opportunities provided by the Centre – friendly and inviting too

Makeup & Style (Wendy Porter - Country Beauty by Wendy Porter )
What are the strengths of this course?
• Lovely, good tips, money saving tips
• Good tips, money saving
• To make you more confident and learn new makeup ideas
• Gave me confidence and excellent tips and money saving ideas. Tutor had excellent skills at making you feel involved
• I felt I was given information in order to do make up/dress on a “budget”, cheaper alternatives to use

Are there any weaknesses of this course?
• Not enough time to learn new techniques or for more demonstration by the teacher
• None (x 2)
• No, everything covered

Do you have any suggestions for improvements?
• No, all is perfect
• Just excellent. More courses of similar nature
• To give more time and opportunity to carry out new techniques that the teacher has demonstrated
• No, all good

Any additional comments you would like to make?  
• So good, I loved it. Wendy is a star! More courses like this
• Best medicine ever
• Really enjoyed. This course has made me have more confidence in myself

Mindfulness (Liz Cunningham)
What are the strengths of this course?
• It has taught me how to be more positive, and how to think clearer about things
• I find the course helpful with relaxation and keeping focused
• Making me think positive
• Excellent


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