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"Supporting women's professional and personal development through education and training."

First Steps Women’s Centre (FSWC) has provided a unique service to women in Mid-Ulster for almost 23 years. Based in Dungannon, the Centre provides education and training, support and guidance, along with exceptional opportunities and friendship to women across Mid-Ulster. Up to 300 women per year access training across a wide range of vocational areas which is funded under the European Social Fund (ESF) by Department for the Economy and Department for Communities.

FSWC works tirelessly to remove barriers to learning and inclusion women experience by providing additional services such as Transport, a fantastic onsite Childcare Facility and a Benefit Checker service which is available to both men and women.

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First Steps Women's Centre has 16 staff members made up as follows - The Chief Executive, Project Manager, Training & Education Co-ordinators (2), Progression Officer, Monitoring Officer, Recruitment Officer, Lfe Skills Co-ordinator, Participant Liaison Officer, Childcare Staff (5), Transport Co-ordinator and Housekeeper.

Chief Executive
Michael McGoldrick

Project Manager
Yvonne Corbett

Training & Education
Carmel Creaney

Training & Education

Amanda Boyd

Michael joined the Team in 2007 having previously worked for the Prince's Trust.
Yvonne joined the team in 2008 and is responsible for  running our new programme "Women Towards Education & Employment"
Carmel joined the team in October 2016. She coordinates  the Life Skills courses.
Amanda promotes looking after your Mental Health & Well-being; sourcing, procuring and organising future programmes.

Bernie2Recruitment Officer 
Bernie Mallon.

Monitoring Officer -
Joanne Orr

Marion2Progression Officer
Marion Murphy

Finance Assistant
Theresa Boyle


Bernie joined the team in September 2009. She is responsible for promoting the Centre via Website, advertising, attending events and all social media 
Joanne is responsible for all Monitoring forms/reports and assists the Project Manager.
Marion provides support and guidance in attending interviews, assists clients with application forms, identifies progression routes into employment, volunteering, training or education & provides mentoring and support.
  Theresa first joined the team 3 years ago as a Volunteer and is now a valuable Staff member
Transport Co-ordinator
Franco Donnelly
Participant Liaison Officer 

Ingrid Bell
Life Skills Coordinator
Gillian Steenson
Childcare Leader
Helena Elmoustaghit
Franco joined the team in May 2013 after Volunteering for 1 year. He co-ordinates transport.
After volunteering for 2 years, Ingrid joined the team in November 2017.  As well as "holding the fort" in Reception, Ingrid  provides invaluable admin support. Gillian joined the team in July 2011. She provides Benefit, EMA and Universal Credit information to both men and women three days a week. Helena joined the team in 2007.  She was appointed Childcare Leader in September 2012.
Childcare Assistant Leader
Jacqueline Donnelly

Childcare Assistant
Carla Dias

Childcare Assistant
Dominika Dykiert
Childcare Assistant
Giedre Blair
Jackie hails from Leitrim and joined the team in September 2012, assisting Helena in the smooth running of the Childcare. Carla hails from Portugal and joined the team in September 2012.  Dominika hails from Poland and joined the team in August 2015
Giedre hails from Lithuania and joined the team in August 2015.
Sonata Housekeeper
Sonata Slajiene



Sonata also hails from Lithuania.  She joined the team in March 2007 and keeps the premises spotlessly clean!      


First Steps Womens Centre relies on donations and funding to provide Educational Courses, Life Skilss and Health Promotion services. If you would like to contribute click on the Donate button.


"There is such a lovely feel when you come through the door.  Its so homely and when I am there I don't want to go home!   When I did my first ever course (confidence building) I thought to myself Why have i not been here before? and Why was I holding back?  Everyone is so nice and very friendly. It's so relaxing".

 "I have to say only for first steps I wouldn't be working today, it was yourselves got me up and running again..."


Successful Benefits Checker claims
Since September 2012 £417,209.01

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