First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

First Steps Womens Centre Dungannon

FSWC Staff Members

First Steps Women's Centre has 16 staff members made up as follows - The Chief Executive, Project Manager, Project Staff (3), Finance Officer, Monitoring Officer, Informations Officer, Benefit Advisor, Receptionist, Childcare Staff (5), Transport Co-ordinator and Housekeeper.

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Women Towards Education & Employment Project (WTEE)

Project Overview:
To provide a holistic personalised programme to up-skill and empower unemployed and economically inactive women for the workplace.

Project aims:

  • to reduce unemployment by assisting those furthest from the labour market to overcome their barriers to accessing and sustaining employment
  • combat economic inactivity by helping individuals to make the transition towards the labour market


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Eligibility Criteria:

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The Board of Directors

FSWC Board of Directors

At present FSWC is managed through a Board of Directors that meets 8-10 times per year. The Board are the legal guardians and custodians of FSWC and can be made up of professional people who have a genuine interest in the welfare of the Centre.

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Vision, Mission, Values, Aims & Objectives


  • Confident women empowered to participate in and influence society


  • Supporting women’s professional and personal development through education and training


  • We value integrity, honesty and recognise our unique contribution
  • We welcome all equally
  • We value accountability and promote quality through continued reflection and improvement
  • We use a person centred approach, realising individual potential

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